Man wearing boxing gloves punching a punching bag

I made a fresh start

Ryan's Story

Ryan had been thinking about leaving the far right for a while. They’d cut him off from family and friends, and people crossed the street to avoid him. But it wasn’t that simple – he depended on the movement for everything. That’s when he got in touch with Exit.

We’ve been in Ryan’s position, so we were able to give him the help he needed to leave. We encouraged him and provided practical support, helping him write his CV and to get job interviews. We even helped get his old far right tattoos covered up by someone who didn’t judge him. It’s given Ryan the confidence he needed to make a fresh start.

I wanted a different life

Joe's Story

At first, it felt like being part of a rebellion. But Joe’s life was quickly dominated by fear and violence. He was constantly on edge, fearing prison and death. When a good friend was locked up for terrorism, he knew he had to leave. He just couldn’t see a way out.

When he found Exit online, Joe was suspicious. But after doing some digging, he saw that we are formers offering non-judgmental help. It gave him confidence that if we could leave extremism behind, so could he. We gave Joe the support he needed to rebuild his life. Today, he has a home, a fulfilling job, and a wife and young child.

How I left

Nathan's story

As there wasn’t much going on in Nathan’s life, he struggled to find things to keep him busy. He was becoming more and more withdrawn, finding comfort in online gaming rather than hanging out with his mates. Before he knew it, he was spending all his time in his bedroom, playing games and messaging people in chatrooms.

The people he was chatting with were part of a far-right online group which Nathan joined as it gave him a sense of belonging, but the chats became darker and troubled Nathan. Many were advocating violence, and reading these messages day in day out started to affect Nathan. He began getting angry with the injustices he thought were happening in the world.

Before long he was so involved with the group he stopped focusing on day to day activities so his school grades and friendships suffered. He became depressed and realised he had to leave the group but wasn’t sure how. After some hesitation he contacted us through our Facebook page, which is how we began working with him and offering our support.

What made me leave

Kevin's story

Kevin’s life revolved around football and his mum, who he adored and would do anything for. He’d had a passion for football for as long as he could remember, and never missed a game. He always enjoyed going to a match, but after joining the local football firm he soon discovered he had more in common with them than just football.

They would chat about what was happening in their local town, believing British-born locals were being discriminated against when it came to getting jobs. Kevin protested about this on the streets with them, but anger soon spilled over into violence, which resulted in Kevin beating someone up.

When his mum found out she threw him out. Finding himself homeless, and with few friends, he realised the group wasn’t everything he had believed they were and wanted to leave. He was worried what members of the firm might do if they found out, but we were able to help him leave and have supported him ever since.

I had to get out

Jack's story

Jack had been in the army for many years, seen active service, and was proud to have served his country. When he left the army he was dismayed that he felt like a foreigner in his own town, convinced the government was making white people second class citizens in their own country. These feelings made him want to continue fighting.

He felt so strongly about this he joined a far-right group whose ambition was to overthrow the government and replace it with people who wanted to restore England to its former glory. He went on marches which turned violent, resulting in Jack being arrested, charged with GBH and sent to prison.

He began to question how he had got himself into this, when he realised those who had encouraged him to commit acts of violence had got away with it. He had no support and felt let down, and although nervous, contacted us after viewing our website. With our help and continued support Jack has been able to rebuild his life away from the far right.