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Exit is a network of former members of the far right who know what it’s like to feel disillusioned. We wanted out and eventually, we got out. We’re not the police and we’re not here to judge.

Thinking about changing the way you live? It is possible to leave the far right with our help. It’s not easy, but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

These stories are based on people we’ve helped leave the far right. Names have been changed, and we have used actors to protect the identity of those who we’ve worked with.

Nathan's story

As there wasn’t much going on in Nathan’s life, he struggled to find things to keep him busy. He was becoming more…

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Kevin's story

Kevin’s life revolved around football and his mum, who he adored and would do anything for. He’d had a passion for…

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Jack's story

Jack had been in the army for many years, seen active service, and was proud to have served his country. When he left…

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